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What Is The Difference Between Indoor And Outdoor Floors?

Jun 06, 2020

        Customers sometimes complain that the effect of certain epoxy floors is not good. In fact, sometimes all kinds of problems on the floor are not the quality problems. Some of the problems may be caused by environmental factors that lead to improper design of the floor paint system. . For example, if the indoor floor is used outdoors, its service life will be greatly shortened. There are differences in the choice between indoor flooring and outdoor flooring.

        In general, outdoor floors need to have good weather resistance, and some floor products may have good wear resistance, or require high cleanliness, or have good corrosion resistance, but the weather resistance is poor After prolonged exposure to sun, discoloration, shelling, and bursting may occur, and the service life is greatly shortened. On the basis of weather resistance, different floor products are selected according to different needs. For example, the weather resistance of the UV-resistant weather-proof floor is very good, and the permeable floor has good weather resistance in addition to good weather resistance. Permeability, etc.

   And indoor flooring does not need to consider weather resistance, only need to choose the appropriate flooring according to different needs. If you need anti-corrosion floor, choose anti-corrosion floor paint, if you need anti-static environment, consider epoxy anti-static floor and so on.

   Therefore, when we choose the floor, including the floor paint, we need to choose the corresponding products according to our own needs in order to achieve the desired effect.