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What Is The Difference Between Mold Release Wax And Mold Release Agent?

Aug 07, 2020

For the glass fiber reinforced plastic industry, mold release wax mostly refers to paste wax, such as wax No. 8 and wax 102, etc., while mold release agents are mainly solvent-based semi-permanent mold release agents.

What is the difference between mold release wax and mold release agent?

This is mainly reflected in the shape, effect and number of demouldings, and of course the price. Let’s briefly talk about the characteristics!

Paste wax is economical and cheap, usually dozens of pieces in a box, generally not high temperature resistance, mostly used for hand lay-up glass fiber reinforced plastic technology. Each mold needs to be waxed again, and the residual transferability is relatively high. It is usually not used for high-gloss FRP products, and the surface of the frequently used mold will have heavier wax scale.

The semi-permanent release agent fundamentally solves the problem of excessive residue, while meeting the problems of high-temperature molding and multiple continuous releases. The only disadvantage is that the price is high, and the reliable release agent is given to the end. The customer is about 500 per gallon.

Simply put, mold release wax is used for low-demand occasions-cheap; for parts with high gloss requirements, it is recommended to use mold release agent, which will not be explained.