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What Is The Difference Between Pultrusion Profiles And Molding Resins?

Release Time: Jan 23, 2018

Glass resin refers to a process technology that is FRP;

Transparent resin refers to a transparent resin.

Transparent resin production and processing of mold production is usually made of silicone rubber mold.

Glass resin process is the earliest use and application of resin-based composites in the production of a molding method.

Hand lay-up molding process is based on the resin mixture with a curing agent as a matrix to glass fiber and its fabric as a reinforcing material, coated with a release agent in the mold on hand-laid combination of the two together, A method of manufacturing glass fiber reinforced plastic products.

The matrix resin is usually unsaturated polyester resin or epoxy resin, reinforcing materials are usually used alkali or alkali glass fiber and its fabric.

In the hand lay-up process, mechanical equipment used less, it is suitable for multi-species, small batch production, and not subject to the type and shape of the product.

Unsaturated polyester transparent resin imitation crystal production process is mainly the use of completely transparent crystal resin, formed by a one-time infusion.

The production of this product, raw materials is the key, the first is to choose a good transparent resin and colorless cobalt accelerator and curing agent, which is a good prerequisite for resin crystal crafts