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What Is The Difference Between The Anchorage Length Of Epoxy-coated Steel Bars And Ordinary Steel Bars?

Aug 10, 2020

Epoxy coated steel is a kind of steel with a protective layer of epoxy resin film made on the surface of ordinary steel. The thickness of the coating is generally 0.15mm~0.30mm.

The use of such epoxy resin coated steel bars can effectively prevent corrosion of steel bars under harsh environmental conditions, thereby greatly improving the durability of the engineering structure.

Epoxy coated steel bars are currently mostly used in reinforced concrete structures, and the construction technology is not complicated. According to the pilot project situation and foreign application experience, a construction team of general quality can be competent after confession.

The economic and social benefits of using epoxy resin-coated steel bars in structures in a corrosive environment are enormous. The difference is that the strength of epoxy-coated steel bars is stronger and the corrosion resistance is much stronger than that of ordinary steel bars.