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What Is The Role Of Curing Agent?

Jun 15, 2020

The curing agent for unsaturated polyester resin is a peroxide that initiates resin crosslinking under the action of accelerators or other external conditions. It is also called initiator or catalyst. The "catalyst" mentioned here is different from the traditional "catalyst".

In the traditional sense, the term "catalyst" is to provide assistance for the reactants, and they are not consumed while promoting the reaction. In the UPR curing reaction, the peroxide must change its structure before it "catalyzes" the reaction. Therefore, for the peroxide used for UPR curing, a more appropriate name should be called "initiator" "Or"initiator". When it comes to peroxides, the two concepts that we need to understand are active oxygen content and critical temperature. Among them, "active oxygen" or "active oxygen content" is a concept that has a close relationship with the curing agent and is often misunderstood