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What Materials Are Needed To Make Lightweight RTM Molds?

Jun 09, 2020

First, we introduce the surface treatment materials of the original mold.

1. Easy to polish the bottom glue

Description: The easy-to-grind repair type primer is a pre-promoted, air-drying polyester gel coat designed for the application of various original mold surfaces to modify the contour size, smoothness, and flatness. It is gray.

Features: 1. Using spraying process, simple operation 2. Thorough curing, easy to polish 3. Low porosity, good processability 4. High thermal deformation stability, no cracking

Second, high-gloss surface glue

Description: Polyester high-gloss gel coat is an air-drying polyester gel coat specially designed to obtain high-gloss requirements on the surface of FRP prototype.

Colour: Black

Features: High smoothness, low porosity, with the advantages of non-stick surface, no wax and easy water grinding, etc. After polishing, it has excellent high brightness.

Application: Used for the master mold, master mold of composite materials and the surface of wooden products.

3. Mold Gelcoat

Description: Mold Gelcoat: Mainly divided into 2 types: polyester type and epoxy vinyl type

4. Epoxy vinyl mold gel coat has excellent strength and toughness, high hardness, high brightness, high gloss retention and excellent heat resistance. Available in black, orange and green.

Operation and application: 1. Stir the gel coat uniformly in the original bucket at low speed before use to avoid excessive stirring. Excessive stirring will reduce the viscosity and bring in bubbles, causing problems such as sagging and pinholes. 2. During construction, the temperature of the gel coat, mold, and environment should be maintained at 18-25°C, and the ambient humidity should be less than 70%.

5. Epoxy vinyl low shrinkage mold resin

Description: Thixotropic agent and accelerator have been added, low shrinkage, good dimensional stability of the product, and smooth surface. It has good glass fiber wettability, convenient construction, high toughness, resistance to cracking, high heat deformation temperature, excellent heat resistance and degradation performance, and excellent strength retention at high temperature. Generally used for 2 layers of surface layer.

6. Rapid Molding Resin

Features and main uses: Rapid molding resin is a kind of unsaturated polyester resin containing filler and pre-promotion, has good glass fiber wettability and flow resistance, and is convenient for construction.

Zero shrinkage, effectively reduce glass fiber marks.

The curing speed is fast, the temperature of the exothermic peak of the reaction is stable, which is suitable for the rapid mold making process. The mold can be completed in one day, and it takes a week to completely replace the traditional mold making process.

Release agent, release wax, polishing water