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What's The Difference Between Resin And FRP?

Jan 22, 2018

I believe many people are misunderstood about the FRP and resin, so often ask customers in the purchase of FRP resin is also asked the same question, that is, FRP and resin is not the same material. I can only say that FRP is a resin, but the resin is not FRP, FRP resin is only generated products.

First of all, to know the difference between them, we must first understand what is resin? I said long ago, the resin has a natural resin and synthetic resin points. Natural resin is plant secretions, and synthetic resin is synthetic.

However, glass fiber reinforced plastic is used as a reinforcing material, unsaturated polyester and epoxy resin, etc. as a matrix, that is more popular that FRP is just a composite material, and the resin is a polymer material, but the user is generally When buying resin, it is called from the use, so this is the FRP resin.