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What Should We Pay Attention To In The Construction Of Paint In The High Temperature In Summer?

Jun 09, 2020

For our paint construction, high temperature is definitely not a good thing. During summer construction, there will be cracks and peeling. This is not necessarily a problem with the product. It may be a series of problems caused by high temperature. So what should we pay attention to in high temperature construction? Today, I will tell you about the precautions for summer wall coating construction.

01 Paint construction to see the temperature

The temperature is very important for the construction of the paint, because the drying and filming effect of the paint depends on the temperature and humidity, and the film formation conditions of different types of paint and the requirements on the temperature are also different. Solvent-based coatings should be applied under the temperature of 5~30℃, and water-based coatings should be applied under the temperature of 10~35℃. Overheated weather will cause the paint to dry too quickly, affecting the final result.

02 Best Humidity 60%

In addition to high temperature and high humidity in summer, humidity conditions are also important for paint application. Generally speaking, the best humidity for paint application is 60%~70%. Lower humidity is beneficial to the film formation of the paint, but if the humidity is too low, it will cause the solvent of the solvent-based paint to evaporate too quickly, and the water-emulsion paint dries too fast, which will make the conjunctiva incomplete and affect the wall effect.

03 The wall also needs sun and wind protection

In addition to temperature and humidity, paint construction should also pay attention to sun protection and wind protection. In the summer, the sunlight is strong, and prolonged exposure may easily cause the surface temperature of the base layer to rise, causing the water or solvent to evaporate too quickly, resulting in unsatisfactory film-forming effect and affecting the coating quality. Summer is a season with frequent typhoons, and there are many winds. The strong wind will accelerate the evaporation of water and raise dust, which will affect the film forming effect and the cleanliness of the wall.

04 Be careful of dry wall "false"

In summer, the construction of the wall will appear as if the wall is already dry. Before construction, the construction personnel must ensure that the wall base is completely dry before proceeding to the next step. If the wall is difficult to dry due to high temperature, you can use a dehumidifier to speed up the wall drying. If the wall surface is painted without drying, it may cause peeling and cracking of the wall surface.

The above introduces some problems that may occur in the construction of summer wall coatings. Let me talk to you about what to pay attention to.

1. Pay attention to preserve the paint

The temperature in summer is high, and if it is not stored properly, the performance of the paint may change, and problems may occur during construction.

Therefore, the summer paint should be stored in a cool and ventilated place, and the sealing of the storage container must be good. It is recommended that the purchased paint be used within the validity period.

2. Extend the drying time of wall putty

Before putting on the wall, you must scrape the putty. Generally, you need to scrape 1-3 times. The normal drying time is 1-2 days. In summer decoration, it is necessary to extend the putty dry time as much as possible, generally 2-3 days is appropriate. Because the summer weather is hot and humid, especially when heavy rain comes, the time for the putty to dry will increase. In addition, when hanging putty, you should wipe off the water vapor on the wall with a dry cloth, try to keep the wall dry and dry, which is conducive to painting the wall.

3. Paint the walls to avoid rainy days

When painting walls in summer, avoid high humidity or rainy weather. Because the foundation of the wall is relatively wet during construction, the paint is painted before it is completely dry. The moisture penetrates into the paint surface and causes the paint film to lose its adhesion, causing the wall surface to bulge.

4. Difficult treatment method for wall

In summer, the illusion of "the wall is dry" is very easy to appear. During construction, the construction personnel must ensure that the base layer of the wall is completely dry before applying wall paint. If conditions permit, the moisture content of the wall should be measured with the help of professional instruments, and construction should be carried out after reaching the standard.

5. Finish the wall to avoid exposure

The temperature is high in summer and the sun is violent. If the painted wall is often exposed to sunlight, the color of the wall will easily fall off, and the white wall will turn yellow. In addition, exposure will also cause the wall to heat up. When the temperature of the wall drops after painting, the paint surface will crack. Therefore, try to avoid exposure of the painted walls.