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What Types Of Gums Are Often Used In FRP

Jun 19, 2020

In modern life, FRP resin products are widely used, and this kind of FRP material actually uses epoxy FRP resin as the main production material. Similarly, this kind of material is undoubtedly in our real life. It is a very common transparent glass fiber reinforced plastic material. At the same time, the resin color of many products is mostly light-colored and transparent materials. In addition, this glass fiber reinforced plastic material undoubtedly has good corrosion resistance. At the same time, its mechanical strength is still relatively high, and the adhesion characteristics of FRP also have good insulating ability or alkali resistance.

Most of this kind of material is made of epoxy resin, glass fiber reinforced plastic resin, and other different materials as raw materials for production. When using this type of material as a raw material, the material is mostly light yellow with good transparency. In general, its types are relatively abundant, and the most commonly used models are 6101, 63-4, and so on.

At the same time, there is, similar to epoxy resin glass fiber reinforced plastic material, then it is undoubtedly a common glass fiber reinforced plastic material, the color of the substance is mostly light-colored material, not only has good corrosion resistance It also has different characteristics such as good mechanical strength and high, and also has the characteristics of good insulated wire capacity and alkali resistance.

 The most important material is the epoxy resin material, which has a light yellow transparent material, and its types usually have many types, whether it is 6101 or 6334.