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What You Need To Know To Fill Electronic Grade Polishing Resin

Jun 01, 2020

Electronic grade polishing resin is generally used at the end of the ultra-pure water treatment system to ensure that the water quality of the system can maintain the water benchmark. Generally speaking, the effluent water quality is above 18 trillion euros, and it also has the control ability for TOC and SIO2. The ion mode of the electronic grade polishing resin is H, OH type, and it can be used without filling. It is widely used in the semiconductor industry.

Loading considerations

1. Electronic grade polishing resin is made of hydrogen type strong acid cation exchange resin and hydrogen type strong basic anion exchange resin.

2. In the operation, when water needs to be added to make it easier to fill, pure water needs to be used. While not paying too much moisture, the water needs to be pumped out or discharged immediately after entering the resin tank to avoid resin Layered.

2. When you need to install resin by hand, wash your hands and do not bring grease into the resin tank.

3. In order to change the resin, it is necessary to completely clean the barrel and the water collector. The old resin cannot be left at the bottom of the tank. These used resins will pollute the water quality.

4. O-ring and sense of urgency need to be exchanged regularly. In addition, the relevant parts should be checked every time it is replaced, and if there is any damage, it should be replaced immediately. To check the water collector, if there is a traffic jam, it should be cleaned.

5. Use the FRP bucket tank as the resin floor, leave the water collecting tube in the bucket tank, and then fill the resin. During the resin filling process, the water collecting pipe is shaken irregularly, and finally the position of the water collecting pipe is adjusted so that it can be installed with a cover.

6. If resin is loaded, it will become difficult to insert into the water collecting pipe. In order to insert the water collecting pipe, when the resin needs to be filled, place the FRP tank filled with resin on the ground, slowly roll the tank groove to loosen the resin, and slowly insert the water collecting pipe into the resin.

7. After filling the resin to connect the piping, first open the vent hole at the upper end of the barrel, slowly rinse the water, and close the vent hole, until the vent hole overflows and no longer generates bubbles, start water collection.