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Which Level Of Fire Resistance Is The Extremely Flame Retardant Of The Flame-retardant Unsaturated Polyester Resin

Aug 04, 2020

All inventions come from life, and all inventions serve life. When producing polyester resin, it needs to go through a lot of operation steps, and slowly get the best products in practice, as a manufacturer of polyester resin We also need to understand a lot of relevant knowledge in order to better serve our customers. Today we will talk about which level of fire resistance is the extremely flame retardant of the flame-retardant unsaturated polyester resin.

The production of polyester resins was born due to a lot of chemical operations, and we are also slowly developing their best

 Which of the fire-retardant grades is the extremely inflammable flame-retardant unsaturated polyester resin?

This should belong to A1 or A2 level!

At present, there are mainly 5 fireproof material grades:

Class A: Non-combustible building materials, materials that hardly burn.

A1 level: non-combustible, no open flame

Class A2: Non-combustible, smoke must be measured and qualified.

Class B1: Flame-retardant building materials: Flame-retardant materials have a good flame retardant effect. It is difficult to catch fire in the air or under the action of high temperature, and it is not easy to spread quickly, and the combustion stops immediately when the fire source is removed.

Class B2: Flammable building materials: Flammable materials have a certain flame retardant effect. When exposed to an open flame in the air or under the action of high temperature, it will catch fire immediately, which will easily lead to the spread of fire, such as wooden pillars, wooden roof trusses, wooden beams, wooden stairs, etc.

Class B3: Flammable building materials, without any flame retardant effect, extremely flammable, and high fire risk.

In addition, according to different standards, the classification of fireproof materials is different:

DIN4102: A1, A2, B1, B2, B3

EN13501-1: A1, A2, B, C, D, E, F

Gaining experience from life and then gaining valuable practical experience is very important for the growth of one's own industry. Everyone must not only understand in life, but also gain experience in practice.