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Why Carbon Tubes That Can Be Easily Assembled And Disassembled Are Good

May 29, 2020

Components has introduced a clever new solution for the temporary structure. With the introduction of RefiFLEX connectors with a "click generator", the company's circular carbon tubes do not have to be glued together, but can be glued together with a click, making the structure easy to disassemble.

carbon tubes that can be easily assembled and disassembled

Thanks to the improved fit of the RefiFLEX connector, the frame can now be assembled more easily, quickly and accurately.

Bas Nijpels, sales engineer at Refitech, said:

"It can be compared to the system used in tent poles. This makes it a perfect solution for the most weight-weight solution in temporary structures. Possible uses are festivals, fairs and other short-term events, as well as photographers or film crews , They often need to carry a lot of materials, and carry lighter weight. For those who start using the material from carbon fiber structure, this is easy to introduce, without having to start using glue immediately. "

Expand RefiFLEX square tube range

Bas Nijpels explained: "In addition to the pipe series we already have, our customers often request other sizes. On this basis, we started to develop other types of pipes, and the length of the pipe is getting shorter and shorter. This is very In line with our goal of further developing our Carbon website. Affordable carbon solutions for manufacturing and engineering. "

Custom wall thickness

In addition to standard tubes, for example, if the stiffness or strength of the standard thickness is insufficient, Refitech can also provide tubes with customized wall thickness.

Bas Nijpels said:

"With long-term experience, and because we have completely standardized the manufacturing process, we can produce low-cost custom tubes for our customers. These tubes can be ordered separately without the need for prototype or mold investment. This means we can satisfy our company for a long time I have always wanted to provide engineers with a simple and easy-to-use light solution that exceeds our standard range. "

Improved connector

Bas Nijpels says:

Refitech also optimized the design of the RefiFLEX connector. Thanks to the improved fit, the frame can now be assembled more easily, quickly and accurately. We have further improved the glue cavity, which also makes it easier to glue the hose. The connector can now fit many types of carbon fiber tubes, including prepreg and pull-wound. Using more complex and connected frames can save a lot of time, especially when using multiple connectors. "

Compared with metal structures, the use of RefiFLEX round and square tubes can save up to 75% of the weight. In addition, carbon composite materials have high inherent rigidity and are not prone to permanent deformation or metal fatigue. The material is also chemically resistant and dimensionally stable. In addition, metals and carbon have significant differences in thermal conductivity. For steel it is about 50 W / mK and for carbon composites it is only 0.6 W / mK.

Bas Nijpels concluded: "Low weight, durability, chemical resistance and stiffness are essential. Carbon is a real substitute for steel and aluminum. Since we provide our standard product line online and it is available from stock, for this type of With high-performance parts, the customer's cost is still reasonable. "