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Why Use Epoxy Resin To Lay The Ground, Epoxy Resin Manufacturers Answer For You

Jul 06, 2020

As a new type of energy-saving and environmentally friendly material, epoxy resin has been widely recognized by consumers since it was launched. With the expansion of the market, the application of epoxy resin is also increasing, and many consumers will use In addition to the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection, the epoxy resin paving the ground, why people are so eager for epoxy resin, the following epoxy resin manufacturer-Kang Yu answers.

Epoxy resin manufacturers

   1. Epoxy resin manufacturers talk about the benefits of using epoxy resin to lay the floor:

   1. The overall seamless, completely dust-free, extremely easy to clean, can meet the requirements of high cleanliness industrial plants.

   2. The color can be selected and matched arbitrarily, the appearance is particularly good.

   3. Waterproof, mildew-proof and impermeable.

   4. Highly wear-resistant, can walk heavy vehicles; has good toughness, not delaminated or cracked by impact.

   Second, epoxy resin manufacturers talk about the use and maintenance of Jinan epoxy resin floor:

   1. In the case of production while construction, the construction environment should have enough isolation areas to prevent ash, sand, etc. from penetrating into the dry epoxy floor.

   2. For areas prone to contamination, the more prominent parts of the facade, the corridor should be cleaned with a wide cloth mop 1-2 times a day.

   3. If there are coarse and hard sand and mud on the ground, they should be cleaned up in time to prevent the sand from grinding the ground and reducing ground wear.

   4. It is convenient for employees to remove the debris on the soles when entering and leaving.

   5. When unloading forklifts and forklifts, pay attention to laying the cargo flat to prevent the cargo side from dragging and scratching the ground.

   6. Frequently oil-leakage parts should be cleaned regularly with sawdust to avoid denaturation of oil, adsorption of dust layer, and stubborn stains. For large areas of oil immersion, a wide cloth mop can be used to push the sawdust to absorb the floor oil.

   7. If the large paint film is damaged, report it to repair in time to repair the oil before the oil seeps into the foundation. When washing the ground with water in the workshop, avoid depositing the oil-water mixture in the deep damage.