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Composite Granite Quartz Kitchen Sink

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Composite granite quartz kitchen sink

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Pressed with high quality quartz crystal and high quality resin, which is high hardness, non-radiate and nice acid-resistance / alk-resistance as could resistant from strong acid food. 

Neweco sinks can be seam-mounted with any spectacular countertop materials for the ultimate solid surface system. Neweco solid surface sinks are non-porous, making them highly stain resistant, and virtually unaffected by typical household or healthcare chemicals. The hygienic advantage of a seamless union where the sink is joined to the countertop is a benefit that surpasses conventional sink products offered elsewhere. The solid surface sink keeps its good looks longer because the solid beauty goes all the way through. If necessary, it can be repaired and restored to its original immaculate appearance. From any perspective, opaly sinks meet the demands of a modern lifestyle well into the future.

Promise: High quality & efficiency offering!
Sample: We offer free material samples for your reference!
OEM: Welcome you to send us your drawing and details for customized.
Guarantee period: 10 years


1. High hardness, super wear resistant 

Quartz stone surface can be at Mohs hardness of degrees, it is higher than the common natural marble, artificial stone of the harness. Usually tools are unable to scratch and abrasion. This feature can be well use the shopping malls, airports, office buildings, stations and other places. 


2: Unlimited variety of colors, style originality 

Quartz stone has strong capable of innovation. And the same time, it still continuous design and develop in line with the modern aesthetic color varieties of stones to fit the needs of modern design and human environment of high-quality requirements. 


3: Antimicrobial, protectenvironment 

Quartz stone sink near-zero water absorption, effective to prevent the breeding of the bacteria: The surface is very dense, the other a colored liquid substances(tea, soy sauce, coffee, etc. )will not leave traces on the surface; Water cleaning can make it bright such as the new clean. 


4: No radiation, no harm 

Quartz stone are the components of natural quartz stone and resin, not include radioactive material. And the whole production will not happen chemical reaction. So that there is no radiation, no harm to humans. 

5: Acid-resistant alkali's performance. 

Quartz stone has included 93% of the quartz stone, so it not reaction for acid-base. And be able to better protect the product fresh for a long time. 


6: High temperature performance 

Quartz stone structure is stability. At high temperature is not easy deformation, arch, burst and so no. 


7: Processing performance 

Quartz stone has a good processing performance, precision processing and splicing can be a variety of shapes to fit the modern requirements of high-quality life. 



Carton with foam, standing then packed with wooden frame.

Product packing



Q1: how to clean the Granite Sink?

A1: Granite sink routine maintenance only need the sponge with ater, will not produce the watermark.

Q2: The advange of Grante Sink?

A2: 1) A better shock resistance, and alternating hot and cold water testing more than 5000 times .

2) A higher anti-impact strength, can resist the impact of the pan within 1 meter high.

 3) A better heat resistance to high temperature, better ability of anti-coloring, and wear-resistant, anti-scratch.

 4) Much more sanitary, easy to clean, won't stick oil (can take care of it with water and common cleanser)

5) Natural grantie particles in the sink fairly evenly distributed in the bottom, middle and the surface consistently in the casting process superior manufacturing technology, best quality materials, the shape and technical performance will be much better.

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