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Fiber Glass Panel Anti-Glare Panel Highway

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Fiber Glass Panel Anti-Glare Panel Highway

FRP Anti-Glare Board

1. It contains special materials and effectively resists ultraviolet rays.

2. The organic color and inorganic color are mixed to make it not easy to fade and change color.

3. High strength fiberglass with fiberglass inside, resistant to wind load 6m/s, and good aging resistance.

4. The surface is provided with two reinforcing bars, which are firm and durable.

5. Unique anti-s shape design can not only increase the intensity and reduce the air pressure, but also can limit the blocking of the light in the opposite direction.

6. Salt-alkali corrosion resistance and sand abrasion resistance.

7. Green design can effectively reduce driving fatigue.

8. Operating temperature range: - 40 ℃ to + 70 ℃

Advantage: Protect drivers' eyes from reverse lights on the road.

Installation: Only need four sets of bolt to fix it on the middle of aluminum alloy base.

Application: Highway, bridge, overpass.

Specification: It's length can be customized.

Shape: S, Leaf, pine tree, horse and head shape on the top, Mongolian yurt on the top.



Anti - glare   shield

S shape, 850x200mm,   700g

Anti - glare   shield

Leaf shape,   900x220mm, 900g

Anti - glare   shield

A shape (New),   1000x200mm, 650g

Anti - glare   shield

S shape, 850x200mm,   700g

Anti - glare   shield

Leaf shape,   900x220mm, 900g

Anti-  glare   shield

A shape, 1000x200mm,   650g

Anti - glare plate features of glass fiber reinforced plastic anti - glare plate advantages

Anti-dazzle plate features the advantages of glass reinforced plastic anti-dazzle plate



1. Light weight, high intensity.

2. Can supply various size and shape on request.

3. High temperature and pressure forming, stable structure.

4. Good weather resistance, long service life under heavy weather.

5. Good anti-corrosion property. Stable chemical property, not react with acids and bases.

6. Good anti-glare effect, matt finishing surface, soft in vision, reduce the light reflect.

7. Aesthetic appearance and color, the ideal functional freeway decoration.

8. Anti-dazzling board is used for highway to avoid eyes dazzled when driving,especially at night.

9. Anti-dazzling board is used formunicipal engineering as a kind of good material.

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