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Fiberglass SMC Septic Tanks

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Fiberglass SMC Septic Tanks

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1.corrosion resistance no rust, no maintenance, long service life.

2.lightweight, high strength pultrusion process molding FRP profiles have high glass fiber content (60%), the one way than intensity and stiffness is quite prominent, the density of glass fiber reinforced plastic is only about a quarter of the steel, light weight, very easy to handle, so as to reduce the handling fee.

3.Anti-fatigue high anti- fatigue strength, allowing repeated bending without permanent deformation.

4.anti-aging select highquality FRP pultrusion profiles, the service life of the product can reach more than 20 years, and in all the pultrusion FRP profiles were added in the formula of an-uv agent in order to get the best anti-uv effect.

5.excellent electromagnetic performance it has excellent electrical insulation, electrical, magnetic and electric spark can be used in risk conduction, 


Residential areas, hospitals, colleges, the use of new rural reconstruction, villas, hotels, public toilets, sanatoriums, community and other places of municipal sewage collection and sewage treatment. Food processing plants, waterworks processing plants, livestock processing plants, milk processing plants and other enterprises of the drainage treatment.

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