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Freestanding Resin Bathtub

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freestanding resin bathtub

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Gelandi Acrylic Solid Surface Freestanding Modern Bathroom Bathtub
Gelandi have years experience of producing solid surface and quartz. During these years of production, the quality is very steady now base on so many quantity production experience.We also can produce according to customer's requirement, the custom made sinks will not open to others..

● Fantastic Home Design

You have distinctive desires - and design considerations - for your home.You demand top-notch performance from every element of your new home or remodeling project.

● Renewable

Nicks. Stains. Cuts. Scratches, they won't compromise the appearance of Gelandi bathtub, If damage does occur, acrylic Solid Surface can be repaired on site, saving both downtime and aggravation.

● Easy to Clean

Because our bathtubis made of Acylic solid surfaces, which are smooth and nonporous. As a result, they will not promote the growth of mold, mildew or bacteria.Gelandi kitchen sink is also nontoxic, and chemically nonreactive, with virtually No off-gassing at normal room temperatures, in accordance with building codes and other local restrictions.

Widely be used in home, commercial decoration. Be used bathroom and so on



Does it easy yellowing ? 

The anti-yellowing technology is industry-leading. Slow down the speed of yellowing .


What is the warranty? 

10 Years Limited Warranty High Quality .


Does it with color differences?

Can guarantee no color differences in the same order . 


How about the Inspection?

 Inspectin 5  times , also, we accept all inspection .


Can you provide small samples? 

Yes. provide free for testing the quality.

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