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Granite Quartz Stone Kitchen Sink

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Granite Quartz Stone Kitchen Sink

Place of Origin

Guangdong, China (Mainland)

Brand Name



acrylic solid surface, artificial stone, artificial marble

Sink Style

double  bowl 

Installation Type




The hole size






Bowl Shape



Without Faucet

Surface Treatment

Matt or glossy

Number of Hole


Produce Way


Anti-bacterial naturally: The granite sinks with rich antibacterial function, which is made by
nature quartz and its compact structure can protect from the bacteria, It can restrain the
harmful bacterial and moulds to breed due to destroying bacteria wall.
The excellent anti-scratch characteristic: dense without holes quartz material,
multi-channel process treatment of the surface. Its hardness feature is Mohs 6.8, even the
general knife and fork cannot hurt the surface, and also bring you the lasting beauty.
Safety and Reliable: granite sinks' production through strictly choose of sand, the
material without mental, radiationless quartz, resin, additives and others material. it
can contact with food directly.
Easy to clean and stain resistance: with only 0.03% of water absorption and the extremely
strong corrosion resistance. Staff such as coffee, vinegar, lemon, wine and olive cannot
penetrate inside. With the excellent oil resistance, it is easy to clean, only daily
dishwashing and cool water can clean it quickly. Its high-temperature-resistant reach
Anti-corruption and anti-aging: with special corrosion-resistant and wear-resisting coretechnology, using the particular resin and the expensive anti-aging additives, the
products have excellent characteristics of anti-acid and alkali resistant
properties and beyond the general quartz material aging resistance, even the colorful acid
food cannot corrupt the sinks.
Anti-knock and anti-pressure: our granite quartz sinks use excellent additives and
make the productions can stand heavy knocking. The back of the sink can stand the
objects more than 300 kg, which reflect the advantage of durable.
VII. Clean easily
our quartz granite sinks are more health, easy to clean and Non stick oil.
The clear water and soap can clean easily in your daily life.
10-year warranty
For your benefits and satisfaction, we provide ten years guarantee for our quartz granite sink, under the normal use, which installed by our authorized dealers.
Rich in color: whether the same tone, or attractive contrast color; Whether the same
material, or the combination of high grade ,we providing full design freedom.
We can provide you many kinds of attractive color, which to satisfy your demand,
and reveal personalized.

A variety of installation methods: our products have a variety of installation methods,
which are suitable for all kitchen design, stage basin and undercounter installation method,
the personalized design makes cistern center more beautiful.

Our granite quartz sink has a deep pool design, and in human power learning bring
you the real comfortable experience, which also to realize a warm and elegant and prefer