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Hanging Flower Pot Resin

Product Details

Hanging Flower Pot Resin

Hanging flower pot Resin Plastic planters pot Hanging flower pot with Hook injection mold

Mold Type

Plastic injection mold, Overmolding, Blowing mould, Extrusion mould, Absorbing-plastics mould,Die-casting mould, Rubber/silicone mould

Design software

UG, ProE, Auto CAD, Solidworks, etc.

Main services

Prototypes, Mold design, Mold making, Mold tesing, low volume/ high volume plastic production


ISO 9001:2008

Steel material

718H,P20,NAK80,S316H,SKD61, etc.

Plastic production Raw material


Mold base

HASCO ,DME ,LKM,JLS standard

Mold runner

Cold runner, hot runner

Mold hot runner


Mold cold runner

point way, side way, follow way, direct gate way,etc.

Mold strandard parts

DME, HASCO, etc.

mold life

>300,000 shots

Mold hot treatment

quencher, nitridation, tempering,etc.

Mold cooling system

water cooling or Beryllium bronze cooling, etc.

Mold surface

EDM, texture, high gloss polishing

Hardness of the steel

20~60 HRC


High speed CNC, standard CNC, EDM, Wire cutting, Grinder,Lathe, Milling machine, plastic injection machine

Lead time

25~60 days

Month Production

30 sets/month

Product Feature
1. ECO-Friendly material, no methanol or harmful.
2.Resistant to corrosion and friction, hard to fade.
3.Product easy to clean, no stain dirt or dust.
4.Waterproof, moisture-proof,heat Resistant.

5.Withstand rain & sun exposure, no fade or corrupt.

Products Process

1.The period of clay carving:We carve the rough model as per your designs,then send it for your checking until you are satisfied with it.
2.The period of opening the mould:Once you confirm the clay drafts,we will take it to open the mould.
3.The period of grouting:We take the ready moulds to grout.
4.The period of mending the moulds,then washing the mould.

5.The period of painting,inspection,final checking,packing.


Q:Can you custom my design ?

A: Yes , OEM&ODM service are available .

Q: If I send my design , can you make it for myself only ,and will not show it to any one else ?

A: Yes , we will not show it to others .

Q: Is this environmental protection material ?

A: Yes , our products were made by environment protecting polyresin material .

Q: What is your delivery time ?

A:It depending on the order quantity , normally the bulk order delivery time is 30-35days. (the quantity less than 5000pcs)

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