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Large Resin Decorative Flower Pots

Product Details

Large Resin Flower Pots Decorative Flower Pots

We have experience of Over 10 years at customized furniture and sculptures & decorations.
Including:  furniture, public chair, plant pot, sculptures, commercial beauty show.

Product details
ColorWhite,Red,Black, Brown Customized
FunctionFlowerpot vase planter decoration for home/hotel/shoppping mall and other public or private place
Product sizeA:90*85*50cm    B:80*60*55cm    C:60*50*50cm
Welcome customized

(For FCL shipment or domestic logistics)
1. Carton pack+fill sponge + bubble bag
2. Carton + normal wooden support 
3. Textile bag packing
4. Textile bag + Wooden Support
Special packplywood + sponge/bubble/carton ( this for LCL export shipment, need addtional fee)
Features1.Choose ECO-Friendly material, no methanol or harmful material.
2.Resistant to corrosion and friction, no fading after long time service.
3.The Fiberglass product easy to clean, Not easy to stain dirt or dust.
4.Waterproof, moisture-proof, high temperature proof, fire proof.

5.It can withstand rain and sun exposure, hard to fade or corrupt.
Manual craft All our artists staff with over 4 years of experience to create the works,
 safe spray paint to make the product durable and corrosion resistance
ApplicationLiving room, office, shopping center, hotel, bar, private garden, villa 
coffee shop, terrace, lawn, business street, various entertainment places 
and other public or private area 
Carved mold-->Rolling mold-->Open Mold-->Brush Felt-->
 Brush cloth ( Regular cycle 3 times)--> Trimming the shape-->
Plastic-->Polishing ( 2-7times)-->Shape-->primer spray-->
Polishing-->Spray paint--quality testing-->Packaging-->Wooden frame
HS CODEFiberglass Chair: 9401300000           Fiberglass Seating chair: 9508900000 
RemarkThe 100% Source factory to service you


1. ECO-Friendly material, no methanol or harmful.
2.Resistant to corrosion and friction, hard to fade.
3.Product easy to clean, no stain dirt or dust.
4.Waterproof, moisture-proof,heat Resistant.

5.Withstand rain & sun exposure, no fade or corrupt.



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