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Lockable Round SMC Manhole Cover Frame

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lockable round SMC manhole cover frame

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Operates a policy of continuous product improvement and new product development and design.We have passed ISO9001 ISO14001 certificate and owns a China Famous Brand---WanBang manhole cover.

Our composite manhole covers is a new process of making manhole covers. It was made from pure resin and poly fiber with steel
frame inside. This innovative material can provide a high quality standard of using. It has advantage such as: high impact
resistance, abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, Corrosion resistance, anti-theft, anti-aging.

Product Description


Advantage of square BMC electrical power manhole cover manufacturer:

1. High load rating and strength

 Similar hard property as cast iron, while have a overwhelming advantage on stretch recovery.

 Designed to meet and exceed A15/B125/C250/D400 loading rating, according to En124: 1994.

 Less noise and lower vibration transmissions.

2. Against theft and safety options

 Zero theft value, reducing potential accident and further maintenance cost caused by thieves.

Surface anti-slip thread guarantees safe road condition even in extreme weather.

Locks are available as an option molded into the cover to improve security rate.

 Non-electricity conduction and non-heat conduction.

3. Lightweight 

 Compared with cast iron manhole covers, composited covers are 50% lighter.

Lightweight allows more loading per vehicle, more convenient transportation and economical saving.

 Allows a safer working condition, which a SINGLE worker is enough when installation without risk of injury.

4. Durable service life.


v More than 30 years service life without crack and color fading, comparing to 5 years of cast iron.


v Anti corrosion,water, dust and pets tight, well sealed prevent poisonous gas leaking out.


v Without displacement, freely radio signal passing.


v Higher and lower temperature tolerance with the range -40°C-200°C.


v Wear indicators available when thread depth is in a danger value.

5. Free design

v Composite material itself allows for innovative design features, clint logo is available as an option.


v Much more clear resolution ratio of surface design than cast iron or BMC.

6. Carbon footprint saving and environmental care.


v Lower embedded energy carbon emission and during manufacturing process than cast iron covers. 

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