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Quartz Composite Kitchen Sink

Quartz Composite Kitchen Sink
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                                                           Quartz Composite Kitchen Sink

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Quartz Composite Kitchen Sink


 The real stone cutting products are expensive and fewer because of the scarcity of stone recourses, nowadays the artificial stone products are becoming more and more popular. Quartz sand and BMC composite are almost perfect combination to make artificial quartz kitchen sink, the smooth suraface and almost like stone texture, with anti-corrosive and anti-aging property. The quartz  drop-in kitchen sink in black color is very perfect for industril style of decoration, white color is very suitable for neat and tidy kitchen. Some attactive bright colors like yellow or red is also optional as you like.


Place of OriginQuanzhou city, Fujian province, China                      
Installation TypeAbove counter/ Below Counter
Bowl ShapeRectangular
Overall Size L860* W475* D215mm                                                       
ColorBlack, white, beige, grey bule, others
Production Technology                               Compression molding                                                                          
Net Weight13.60 KG
Thickness5-6 mm
Working Temperature
-50 ℃ - 160 ℃
Testing ApprovalCE SGS
Service life>20 years
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