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Resin Garden Water Fountains

Resin Garden Water Fountains

Product Details

Resin Garden Water Fountains

Product description


Resin Garden Water Fountains



Size of product

33*33*57cm  Resin Garden Water Fountains


100pcs, not strictly required


 Polyfoam + Brown box Normal ocean shipment packing

Pkg size (cm)

39*39*64cm  Resin Garden Water Fountains


OEM projects are welcome,pls send us your design by E-mail.

Delivery Detail

As your order quantity/65 days after receipte 30% deposit

Resin Garden Water Fountains


1.Outdoor & Indoor

2.Home & Garden decoration

3.Landscaping or Backyard Project

4.Aquaria etc


1:Fountain can be set up in 5 minutes or less. No special tools are required, and they are designed to be easily assembled by the average homeowner.

2: The Right Weight to withstand outdoor use,not too heavy to move to a different location, such as indoors for winter months.Garden fountains or the creation of a water garden are a high impact addition to any landscape or backyard project. You'll be able to choose your own custom finishes, and from the widest variety of fountains available, to build your garden oasis in no time.

Tip on maintaining your fountain

Polyresin can be painted and finished with almost any kind of paint. However, acrylics are most often used because this type of paint takes the weather well. Even though some items are treated with outdoor paint, it's your responsibility to maintain the item.

Tip 1: away from direct sunlight,the item should regularly be cleaned using a wet cloth.

Tip 2: During the winter, remember to drain fountains of all their water. This will keep the water from freezing and protect it from frozen ice cracking the fountain

Tip 3:To keep fountain water fresh, use distilled water and replace at least two to three times a month. The water pump inside the fountain must also be cleaned thoroughly to ensure maximum functionality.

Why Choose Us

1) Over decades engaged in designing and manufacturing

2) A very strong and professional R & D Team

3) Factory supplier directly, Skillful manufacturing, Steady worker 

4) Modern design,Available in different sizes and colors

5) Competitive price on stable quality 

6) High professional service & quality  



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