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SMC Anti-Corrosion Water Meter Box Cover

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SMC Anti-Corrosion Water Meter Box Cover

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Outdoor Vertial Water Meter Box 

With the continuous development of China's economy and the improvement of living standards, citizens have higher requirements with their residential building facilities. Such as the water supply system, in the past, to install tap water in the residential area is to dig cement pit with cement cover, to install the main water meter or the main valve, their sizes, shapes and positions are not unified, that cause the construction trouble and inconvenience of maintainance. The water meter is located in the indoor, not only the workload of meter reading is large, but also the security and privacy of the residence is greatly reduced. 

At present, most outdoor vertial water meter boxes are made of iron sheet with bending, welding, coating and other tedious processes. Its biggest defect is that it is not resistant to corrosion, easy to rust and high maintenance costs. The metal water meter boxes weigh about 10kg and are made of iron or steel materials, but the GRP water meter box is no scrap value so it's anti-theft. There are also manufacturers using thermoplastic processing, although the molding is convenient but the plastic is not resistant to aging, brittle and damage. The SMC composite water meter box is made under high temperature, molding tointegrate. It has light weight, smooth and beautiful surface, can meet the needs of all kinds of harsh environment and places ini the outdoor engineering projects. 


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Place of originQuanzhou city , Fujian province , China                                         
Material SMC ( Sheet molding compound )
Dimension500*300*170 mm
Working Temperature                             -50℃-160℃
Test Approval

CE ISO 9001, 14001

Servive Life30 years
MOQ 500 pcs
Net Weight 5.0 KG

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