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SMC BMC Trash Can Compression Mould

Product Details

SMC BMC trash can compression mould

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Our Advantage:

1-Competitive price.
2-Continuance service and support.
3-Diversified rich experienced skilled
4-Custom R&D program coordination.
5-Application expertise.
6-Quality,reliability and long product
7-Mature,perfect and excellence,but
    simple design

After sales services:

1-Spare parts offering, like: spring,
    ejector pins...

2-Mould maintenance as much as 

3-Some inserts or plate for cost     
4-Mould and plastic part design 

5-Prototype:CNC,SLC,SLS available
    Injection moulding available

Plastic mold applications:

1-Household utility ware,auto 


  electronics,Electronics components,
2-Marketing samples,Medical & dental 

  products,Model shops, toys, hobby,
3-New product design & 

  development,Furniture Design,Civil -

4-Marine Industry,Garden 

  Products,Military industry.

Why Choose Us

1. We have our own professional QC department to control the product quality.
2. We have high speed CNC, EDM,precision milling machines,wire cutting machines, 

     highspeed and precision plastic injection machines and so on.

3. Universe was founded in the year Of 2000 ,We have rich experience to make various 

    plastic products

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