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BMC Fiberglass Resin

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BMC fiberglass resin 

Features and Application of BMC fiberglass resin

Executive Standard of BMC fiberglass resin: Q/320411 BES002-2014



Viscosity Pa.s

Gel Time (mins)




Orthophthalic resin



Light color, good stability, good strength and tenacity, suitable for BMC inspection well cover.

common BMC inspection well cover



BMC fiberglass cover features

1. Light weight, the weight of GFRP well cover is only 1/4 of that of iron cover.

2. Good self-locking property, the circular well cover of FRP and the well seat have a unique constraint joint structure, which can prevent the car from jumping out of the well seat after passing.

3 high strength, the tensile strength of FRP material is equal to that of Q235 steel, and the compressive strength is more than twice that of C30X. The impact, vibration, fatigue and fracture performance of FRP material is better than that of steel, iron and other materials.

4. Anti-theft, GFRP products have no waste recycling value, and being used as a well cover can avoid the hidden danger of steel well cover being stolen and sold as waste, so as to prevent the traffic accidents caused by people, cars falling into or stuck in the well caused by the theft of the well cover, and reduce the economic loss and accident responsibility of owners.

5. Corrosion resistance, natural corrosion resistance of FRP materials, used as well cover for acid, alkali, salt, sewage and other corrosive medium environments, with technical and economic competitive advantages

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molding resin 11molding resin 8



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