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Molding Fiberglass Resin

Molding Fiberglass Resin

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Molding fiberglass resin

Features and Application of Molding fiberglass resin

Executive Standard of Molding fiberglass resin: Q/320411 BES002-2014



Viscosity Pa.s

Gel Time (mins)




Orthophthalic resin



Good  translucency and tenacity, suitable for lucency grid or common molding grid.

common molding grid



Use of resin grille

Due to the presence of corrosive liquid, gas, metal corrosion quickly in these regions, although take facilities such as anti-corrosion layer, but for the component of the corrosion is still surprisingly, not only cause bad production environment, and affect production safety, sometimes have to shutdown overhaul, in these areas using resin grille plate structure material can have very good effect, it has a long service life, low cost, safe and reliable, no maintenance, and beautiful and easy, and a series of advantages.

Gutter cover: many chemical plants, smelters electrolytic plant, power plant chemical processing workshop, electroplating factory, storage battery factory, machinery factory of pickling plant, pharmaceutical factory, dyeing factory, salt and so on all have a lot of cooking, cooking is more corrosive liquid, traditional cooking plate useful Angle steel, flat iron plate welding, cast iron, cement, etc., these materials are not corrosion, more than a few years, a few months or less are destroyed, the workshop appears fragmented appearance, the use of glass fiber reinforced plastic grille plate is a good way to solve the problem of corrosion, facilitate sewage discharged into the ditch at the same time, also easy to observe in the gutter.

Double ground: many workshop, the traditional mode of operation is operator, finished goods, waste liquid and waste residue in different ground, it has a lot of inconvenience, easy to cause corrosion damage on the ground, in the solid ground concept different ground double steel grille plate, the upper grille panels due to the resin, the lower substrate surface for the building, the operator in walking on the steel grid board face layer, finished goods on glass fiber reinforced plastic grille board face layer, and slag, liquid, can row to the lower substrate surface, homework finished strong sprinkler irrigation are available, and clear the ground clutter, convenient for operation worker already so, can facilitate the management of inspection.

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