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thinning polyester resin

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General Purpose Resin--thinning polyester resin

Features of thinning polyester resin

Application of thinning polyester resin

Executive Standard of thinning polyester resin: GB/T8237-2005



Viscosity   Pa.s

Gel Time (mins)




DCPD resin



Promoted thixotropic resin, hand layer up,With wet resin molding, simple equipment, low cost, one time can paste more than 10m of the whole product

Applicable to make the furniture,such as table,chair,etc.

The three-direction network structure formed by the gas phase 5102 has a sense of temperature change, but when the temperature drops, the disordered thermal motion of the macromolecular chain weakens and the resistance to shear increases, making the viscosity shown in the resin system larger than at high temperature, and this effect is more obvious when the shear rate is higher.So the resin system.The viscosity value of r/min is higher than that of 6r/min, that is, the thixotropy index decreases.

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