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Chemical Resistance CEE Type Resin


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Heat and chemical resistance resin-chemical resistance CEE type resin

Features and Application of Heat and chemcal resistance resin-chemical resistance CEE type resin

Executive Standard of Heat and chemcal resistance resin-chemical resistance CEE type resin: GB/T8237-2005



Viscosity Pa.s

Gel Time (mins)




Bisphenol A



Chemical resistance CEE type resin, good chemical and corrosion resistance, suitable for high corrosion resisting required product.

high corrosion resisting required product


For production of the elements which require the increased resistance to corrosion and ageing factors, the resins wih
excellent mechanical parameters have been specially developed. This group includes first of all the vinyl ester resins
and isophthalic- neopentyl resins. The products of Neweco are distinguished by:
1. High chemical resistance – possibility to use even in the aggressive chemical environments,
2. Very good mechanical and thermal parameters – very high resistance and life time of the ready-made products,
3. Composite structures based on the resins have light construction but maintaining their strength properties at the  same time.

The products based on these resins meet the highest quality requirements and are used in the production of: storae vessels for chemicals, tankers, boats exposed to long contact with marine water, for priming and protecting the concrete surfaces.

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