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wooden series resin -Coating resin

Features and Application of coating resin

Executive Standard of coating resin: Q/320411 BES002-2014



Viscosity Pa.s

Gel Time (mins)




Ortho-DCPD resin



Fast curing,   high hardness and good tenacity, high brightness, good plumpness, suitable for solid wood board or plywood.

solid wood board or plywood


Solid wood composite door

It can also be called a solid core door.The frame is solid wood, the front and back sides of the facade are bonded with wood boards, and the inner layer is filled with insulation materials.Solid wood composite door design style is more, and have the function of the deformation, not cracking, at the same time is the same with sound insulation door of completely real wood, especially because the price is cheaper of door of completely real wood, and appearance with the visual effect of door of completely real wood, so the market all the way, after all, not every working families can afford the door of completely real wood, as a result, solid wood composite door is catering to the needs of the common home decoration, so widely used.Say strictly, real wood compound door should be quality only good, do the work is meticulous, it is the position that can replace real wood door to decorate in common family

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