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Resin top coat 8307

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Wooden series resin -Resin top coat 8307

Features and Application of Resin top coat 8307

Executive Standard of Resin top coat 8307: Q/320411 BES002-2014



Viscosity  Pa.s

Gel Time (mins)








Low viscosity, air dry, easy to sanding, anti-virescence, high rigidity, good plumpness, suitable for high performance PE base coating.

high performance PE base coating



Dicyclopentadiene (DCPD) is the dimer of cyclopentadiene (CPD) produced by a Dies-Alder reaction. DCPD is a waxy, colorless, flammable liquid or solid, with an odor similar to camphor. DCPD products are originated from high temperature cracking of petroleum fractions and are best characterized as highly reactive intermediates used for a wide variety of resins such as unsaturated polyesters, epoxies, aromatic hydrocarbons and phenolics. Due to the high reactivity of dicyclopentadiene molecule with several other monomers, DCPD is used as a raw material for the manufacturing of various resins including phenolics resins, aromatic hydrocarbon resins, alkyds, epoxy resins, acrylates, unsaturated polyester resins, specialty resins, lattices and other specialty intermediates. Apart from resins, DCPD is used in the production of paints, varnishes, insecticides, metallocenes, elastomers, flame retardants for plastics and hot melt adhesives. Unsaturated polyester resins (UPR) are the largest application group of DCPD which accounts for almost half of the total demand for DCPD all over the globe. Unsaturated polyester resins (UPR) are mainly utilized in the production of electrical applications, marine components and bathroom components. Hydrocarbon resin is the second-largest application group of DCPD and is used for performance enhancement in adhesives, coatings, printing inks, caulking compounds and rubber goods. The growing demand for DCPD from the producers of resins and plastics across the globe is expected to drive the global DCPD market in the future.

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